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Our Company

Lument Finance Trust is a real estate investment trust (REIT) focused on investing in, financing and managing a portfolio of commercial real estate debt investments.

Lument Finance Trust is externally managed by Lument Investment Management, LLC, an affiliate of ORIX Corporation USA.

Investment Strategy

Today, we primarily invest in transitional floating rate commercial mortgage loans with an emphasis on middle-market multi-family assets.

We may also invest in other commercial real estate-related investments including mezzanine loans, preferred equity, commercial mortgage-backed securities, fixed rate loans, construction loans and other commercial real estate debt instruments.

The loans we target for origination and investment typically have the following characteristics:

  • Sponsors with experience in particular real estate sectors and geographic markets
  • Located in markets in the U.S. with multiple demand drivers, such as growth in employment and household formation
  • Fully funded principal balance greater than $5 million
  • Loan to Value ratio typically up to 80% of as-is value and up to 75% of as stabilized value
  • Floating rate loans tied to one-month U.S. denominated LIBOR or any index replacement
  • Three-year term with two one-year extension options

We believe that our current investment strategy provides significant opportunities to our stockholders for attractive risk-adjusted returns over time. However, to capitalize on the investment opportunities at different points in the economic and real estate investment cycle, we may modify or expand our investment strategy.

We believe that the flexibility of our strategy supported by our Manager’s significant commercial real estate experience and the extensive resources of ORIX USA will allow us to take advantage of changing market conditions and maximize risk-adjusted returns to our stockholders.

External Manager

We are externally managed by Lument Investment Management, LLC, a subsidiary of ORIX Corporation USA (ORIX USA).

A subsidiary of ORIX Corporation, the Japan-based financial services giant, ORIX USA provides a wide range of innovative capital solutions for clients in the corporate, real estate, and municipal finance sectors. ORIX Corporation assets exceed $100 billion, and it has approximately $400 billion of assets under management.


Lument Finance Trust is managed by seasoned leadership equipped with decades of investment experience spanning multiple cycles in the multifamily and commercial real estate debt sector.